Mother’s Day


Today is my very first Mother’s Day. I still can’t believe that God blessed me with the miracle of Shiloh. I’m out of town at a resort sitting on the balcony about to check out, but something has been heavy on my heart.

Honestly, I’ve been a bit of a mess. I’ve cried a few times thinking about the wonder of it all, but also remembering the all too familiar sting of pain at the loss of my first little angel. Granted, I was pregnant again the Mother’s Day after my miscarriage, but I still thought about the fact that my little angel would have been 4 months old.

Today my heart is heavy for those struggling with infertility. It’s heavy for those who have lost babies. It’s heavy for those who can no longer call their mother’s today to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day. It’s heavy for those in foster care or orphanages who don’t know who their mother is. It’s heavy for those who have severed relationships with their mother for whatever reason. Several friends come to mind, and my heart grieves for you, but my prayers continue for you. 


When I say God blessed me with Shiloh, I’m not saying you aren’t blessed. We are ALL so very blessed. Some, in different ways than others. But we all have so very much to be thankful for.  

So today, know that you are thought of, prayed for, and loved. Take joy in knowing that you can be a spiritual mother to many. There are so many hurting, broken children in the world. More importantly, never lose hope for the future.