Welp, I’m learning to be flexible… Each Christmas I look forward to unwrapping the sentimental ornaments that I’ve collected through the years (as well as ones from my childhood), and ones that Casey and I have collected. This year I wanted to unwrap the ornament from Shiloh’s 1st Christmas and the one I made of his little handprint. However, that’s a no-go with a 15 month old who HAS. TO. TOUCH. EVERYTHING.

Well, we bought him a felt tree and he’s paid little attention to it, so my thinking was, “maybe he won’t care about the tree.” So, yesterday we set it up without ornaments, and besides touching the lights a few times, playing hide and seek with me through the branches as I spread them out, and attempting to put his stuffed animal on a branch a few times, he hasn’t showed much interest in it.

After buying shatterproof ornaments and making another trip to Michael’s for acrylic sealant for said ornaments (glitter) after the hairspray the employee recommended didn’t work, I decorated the tree tonight. Using twist ties. Because metal hooks are the devil for children. 😂 It’s got bare spots. It doesn’t have snow on it as usual. The ornaments aren’t perfectly spaced apart (I’m a bit OCD with that)🤦🏼‍♀️. It doesn’t even have a star (I have one, just haven’t put it on), and it doesn’t take me down memory lane, but I am thankful for a tree. And if I have to remove all of the ornaments on the lower half tomorrow once he wakes up, so be it.

This recovering perfectionist is learning to let life happen a little more, and to divorce her expectations. Because expectations inevitably set you up for disappointment. EVERY TIME. I know that one day I will look back at my tree this year and remember. I’ll remember tiny (okay, who am I kidding, they aren’t so tiny) hands reaching for ornaments. I’ll remember that infectious laugh as he moves to the side and his eyes meet mine through a gap in the branches. I’ll remember that cute, curious face looking at the lights in wonder as he touches them and a smirk creeps across his face. And none of what I thought I’d miss will matter. 💞

4 thoughts on “Flexibility

  1. You are doing so well to recognize that expectations can bring discouragement. Expect less and go with the flow of changes that life brings. Shiloh is so adorable and you will find that the tough times will soon be buried under wonderful memories.Your tree is beautiful!

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  2. I absolutely LOVED this! So precious were your thoughts! The tree is beautiful and even more so are the memories this tree will bring of this special Christmas with Shiloh…..I am still smiling!
    Love you all so much!
    Merry Christmas!!!
    “Dad” MIKE

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