Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day


Today is the day we remember our babies that were gone too soon. My heart goes out to all of the women out there who have had to endure the kind of pain this brings. I would like to share an uplifting story.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to buy a necklace for a friend who lost her baby too soon. She was further along than me, and we were due around the same time. I went to Etsy and ordered her a necklace that said, “And if not, He is still good.” She had encouraged me after my miscarriage and said (regarding her pregnancy):

“…whatever the outcome may be, the best or the worst, He is still God and deserves glory regardless; whether that glory comes in the form of new life, or in a powerful testimony like the one you now have to share.”

I was able to remind her of these words after she had to release her daughter into the arms of Jesus, and she was so very thankful I did. So, I ordered the necklace, and shared with the seller why I was buying it. I told her I recently miscarried, and that my friend and I were due around the same time. She then told me she wanted to send me the same necklace! I was overcome with gratitude, and shared the blog post about my miscarriage with her. This was her reply:


The title of my blog was, “Thy Will,” and in it, I shared the Hillary Scott song that got me through that difficult time in my life. How sweet was that??? So, all because I wanted to bless my sweet friend, I in turn was blessed DOUBLE. Isn’t that how our awesome God works? I want to encourage you to check out Lara’s shop on Etsy. She has so many encouraging pieces of beautiful jewelry, and you know that you are supporting an amazing woman with a heart of gold. Here is the link to her shop, Redeemed Jewelry.


Today, on Pregnancy & Infant Loss awareness day, I encourage you to light a candle at 7:00pm in remembrance our little ones. Also, I encourage you to reach out to someone you know who has miscarried or lost an infant. We aren’t statistics, we are real people who suffered great loss, no matter how far along in the pregnancy we were, or how long our infant had breath in his or her lungs, and sadly, many suffer alone in silence. But thank you Lord for the hope we find in you! You feel our pain, and hold our hearts all the more tighter. May we feel your love not only today, but every day. Thank you Jesus!




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