Forgive me for being MIA for awhile. Mom ended up back in the ER with another MRSA infection and needed immediate surgery. She is now back in a rehab facility on an IV antibiotic for 6 weeks.

Today I wanted to blog about prayer. My pastor talked about the topic this past Sunday, and although it seemed somewhat juvenile to me, I was able to take away a lot from the sermon.

Last night a friend messaged me about the very topic, asking whether it was okay to repeatedly ask God for something or if that showed lack of faith. My response was the above verse. I also reminded her of the parable of the persistent widow. However, deep down I knew where her question came from. I have been taught to ask for something once, and then step out in faith and thank God for it as though it were already done.

But this is hard. Especially when you have taken that approach for so long and not seen the manifestation of the healing, the financial provision, the restored marriage, the promotion, etc.

Satan likes to come in and cause doubt and unbelief. You may hear him whisper, “Your faith is too small.” Or, he may convince you that you haven’t done enough to earn what you are hoping for. He also may say, “It’s not your job to be trying to change this situation. Shouldn’t your spouse be the one praying?” Those are all lies. Yes, we are called to have faith and believe without doubting (Matthew 21:21), but I don’t believe it nullifies our faith to continue to ask God for that which we desire. If anything, it shows faith to keep pressing in and presenting our requests to Him rather than to simply stop asking.


Photo can be found here.

Also, we must make sure that we are content in our current circumstance, trusting in God through whatever it may be. If we can’t trust Him in the tough times, why should He deliver us of them? Perhaps like Paul, He wants to display His power in our weakness, because otherwise He wouldn’t get to do so.

Some of the most valuable lessons I have learned in life have come through the desert seasons.

I will finish with this: What you desire may look different from what Papa desires. “The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.(Proverbs 16:9, NASB). He ultimately knows what is best for us. Compared to Him, we have such a narrow scope of life. Let’s continue to knock on the door of heaven persistently for that which we are believing for, but let’s also be patient and trust that Daddy truly does know best.

What are you believing God for?

6 thoughts on “Persistence

  1. Hi Jen
    First of all, your mother is in my prayers. MRSA is a terrible and long lasting infection. Praying as she recovers from her surgery and continues with her antibiotics. Please do keep me informed….
    To piggy back on your Matthew 7:7-9 response to your friend’s question, I read this morning the following in the book, Battle Plan For Prayer. “Persistence is a necessary part of praying effectively. Whether God answers in twenty minutes or twenty years, we should never give up on Him. We are not meant to pray one time for our needs or desires, and then quit or throw the prayer out the window if it’s not immediately answered. God works on His own timetable, not ours…God is pleased when we exercise faith and persistence because it reveals a heart that is acknowledging Him and dependent on Him.” I read this to mean, Jen, that persistence does not demonstrate lack of faith but rather a high level of our trust in God. We should continue to cast our cares and prayer needs upon the Lord with persistence and patience. His response will come in His perfect time….
    God bless you dear friend…..Keep interceding for your mother, too.
    Love and Prayers
    “DAD” MIKE

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  2. This was a great post, Jen, and “Dad” Mike helped me with that information from the Battle Plan for Prayer. I’ve had the same questions about asking over and over for the same thing, but one Sunday our pastor did a beautiful sermon on pleading with God and “crying out” for our families, especially for their salvation. Thanks for writing!

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