Be Bright!


Flamingos at Busch Gardens Tampa

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” β€” Matthew 5:14

Today I want to encourage you to shine brightly in this dark world. Be the flamingo in the otherwise bland environment. Let others see the joy in your eyes and the love in your heart so that they would ask you about it, and you might be able to share the hope you have found in Christ. Many blessings to you today and ALWAYS!

4 thoughts on “Be Bright!

  1. Heavenly Father
    Thank you for creating a colorful world as your creation shows us a glimpse of Your beauty. Thank you for the glorious joy of my faith….May that inward joy radiate in my outward expression and may Your love be shown through my actions….Help me to focus on what mattes for eternity, to love You and to love my neighbor, to live so that the light of Your grace shines in me and from me, that no matter what the circumstances, the world will know me as Yours…..And Lord, thank YOU for my dear friend, Jen, who lives her life as a shinning beacon of Your love and grace….I am grateful for her love and friendship….She is a blessing to me….
    In the name of Jesus, I pray…..AMEN

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