Blooming Joy


I have always loved Phlox. I grew up thinking of them as weeds, but their bursts of color always brought me joy. Grandma’s backyard was full of them. Not in the flowerbeds but throughout the sandy yard. They kind of just happened.

Casey and I have been wanting to add some color and life to our front yard since the Peace Lily’s aren’t blooming, and the one bloom on the Gerbera daisy has croaked. We decided to go to Lowe’s to look at some flowers.

We left with nothing . . .

I had told him the importance of planning out what we were going to do exactly, but He wanted to “just buy some flowers and stick them in the ground.” LOL. However, once he got there and saw all of the possibilities, he changed his mind. I decided to take pictures of the ones we liked for future reference, most of which were perennials.

The Wikipedia definition of perennial is this: A perennial plant or simply perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years.


Don’t get me wrong, there were several annuals we liked, but the idea of planting it, caring for it, and then having to uproot it and plant another seemed involved. We are not “involved” people. In fact, a couple of years ago at mom’s we planted a vegetable garden on the side of the house and soon it was overgrown with weeds and the vegetables were dead. Perhaps that is why we didn’t leave with any plants that day . . .

For many, such as my mom, gardening is therapeutic, so planting annuals each year is a joy. I suppose it could be. I simply find joy in the blooms—the blanket of color bringing life to any environment. But as with pruning, we must put forth the effort to reap the reward.

“Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.” —Psalm 126:5

For me, there would likely be tears since I know nothing about gardening! 🙂 But oh the joy I would experience after all of the hard work. What are you sowing and hoping to reap? What breakthrough have you been praying for and faithfully trusting God for?




4 thoughts on “Blooming Joy

  1. I can’t even keep my plastic plants alive! The last time I decided to garden I got a square thing of little squares with flowers in them. I found a nice spot in the back yard and set it down. Last I checked, I need to go back to the store! Good reminder for us to put forth our spiritual effort!

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  2. Love this comparison, Jen. And phlox stir up such memories for me as a child, walking home from Belle Witter Elementary or to the little store about a mile away…they were everywhere in every empty field. We would always pick a huge bunch for our mother. You hardly see them anymore. It’s good to know your limitations, in gardening and with everything else, too. (That’s why I’ve had the same hairstyle for years!! Don’t want anything complicated or that needs fussing with more than once a day – LOL). It’s also wonderful that you are “planning” your yardscape together – what a good husband Casey is. Share photos once you’ve planted a few thing!!

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