I hadn’t planned on blogging today, but God had other plans.

I crawled into the corner of my war room this morning to spend time with the Father, read His word, and pray. When I began writing in my prayer journal, I decided to play some worship music from my phone. I chose one of Misty Edwards’ albums that I hadn’t heard, and streamed it from my Amazon music app.

Let me back up. Sometime last month during worship on a Sunday I received a vision of members of my church (not particular people, but everyone) coming out of a dark forest into a beautiful garden full of color and light. There was a look of awe on everyone’s face as they stepped into the garden in God’s presence.

Fast forward to that Wednesday night service. My church was in the middle of a 40 day fast and we were leading prophetic worship on Wednesdays during the fast. There came a time where pastor had the worship team come down and line up along with others to receive prayer and be anointed with oil. As pastor prayed over me I suddenly saw myself standing in the garden—the very garden I had just spoke about and prayed us into on Sunday. A peace like no other had come over me. I couldn’t stop smiling, crying, laughing, and saying, “I’m in the garden!” Never before had I experienced anything like that. Isn’t our Father amazing?!


Beautiful flowers at mom’s old place.

I continued to walk in that peace for awhile, but as with many things in life, I began to lose sight of it.

I have been seeking the Lord for answers on several things for awhile now, but I haven’t been able to hear Him. I spend time in my war room daily. I fasted 40 days. I meditate on His word. I read spiritual books. Why am I not hearing Him? I recall last year when I got still before Him and a download of answers came on all of the things I was seeking answers on. Why can’t I have that happen again?

This morning I wrote in my prayer journal and prayed day 27 of the 40 Days of Praying God’s Promises challenge I am doing. Then I poured out my heart to my Daddy. I recalled a devotional day I wrote last week on the verse, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8). Suddenly my heart cried out, and I penned the words, “I am seeking You Father.  Why am I not finding You?” Right after this I wrote/prayed my promise for the day: You delight to help me today. No sooner had I affirmed that I believe that, and He met me right where I was and spoke to my heart. 

I found myself in a torrent of tears as His love washed over me through a song that came on. It is “Companion” by Misty Edwards. How perfect.

I want to be your companion
Just like in the garden
So if you’re searching for Eden
Find it in Me
Find it in MeYou are as close as conversation
You are so close to Me
You are as near as turned attention
You are so near to Me
—Misty Edwards

It was as if He was singing directly to me. How personal He is! He’s not so far away, but we often think He is. He is crying out that He wants to be our companion just like in the garden! We have direct access to the garden through Him! He is as close as conversation! How glorious!

May this song minister to you today just as it has to me. I don’t believe in coincidences. I don’t believe that it was by chance that I decided to put on some music while writing this morning in my war room, or that I decided to search Misty Edwards and listen to her latest album that I had only heard one song from. I don’t believe it was coincidence that it was a song about the garden, and about Him being right there, when I had just asked where He was. He is such a gentleman.

(She has another song called “Garden” that is great as well!)




8 thoughts on “Companion

  1. Some people question why they don’t hear from God. Some think they have done something wrong, have sinned, or some think they have missed him. Those definitely can be some reason why we don’t hear from Him. In reality if we are living righteously the answer is He wants us to draw near to Him. He want to see if we will spend more some in His word and have a deeper relationship with the Father. He allows the silence for a reason. I am so glad Jen that you did not give up and drew closer to Him to find He was always there hearing your every request.
    From Laura

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    • Thanks Laura! It can be frustrating when we are doing all of the right things and not seeing results, but it’s all in His perfect timing. There is often something He is wanting us to learn in the silence, and most importantly, that we should worship while we are waiting. Thanks for reading and commenting! 💞


  2. I see He gave you some inspiration! 😉 Yesterday I was singing and dancing in my kitchen to Third Day’s, “Revelation” and stopped to pray on something AGAIN, only to have Him loud as a bell speak to me. “Child, I’ve been telling you, you just haven’t been listening”. And the pieces fell together. Just like that. So many times I am not listening or watching because I’m waiting on a preconceived answer. How merciful is He that He pursues us until we hear?!

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    • Amen sister! Are you familiar with Bethel Music or Jesus Culture? Good stuff right there. It’s spectacular worship music that is Spirit led. They don’t really play it on Christian radio though. Check them out! I used to listen to Third Day a lot. Saw them in concert with my mom years ago. When Mac went secular I was a bit bothered by one of his songs, but they still have some good stuff. Born Again was always one of my favorites! 😜

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  3. Jen
    Thank you as always for opening your heart to your readers. That is what I love about you, friend! Paul, in his second letter to the Corinthians states that degree by degree, little by little, we are being transformed to God’s image….Sometimes we do not see that transformation as quickly as we want and we wonder if God is working and listening….You know that a degree is a very small measure but over time we can look back and see God’s intervention in our lives….God is working in your life and little by little, just a degree here and there, you are being transformed to His image, His will and His direction and purpose for your life….You see God through your writing, the music you listen to, paintings, creation, the reading of His Word, your faithfulness to pray as you pour your heart out to God….Just keep being faithful in all these activities….
    Great pic of you and Casey….Love the flowers….I know that bouquet had special meaning as a reminder of Casey’s love for you and God’s, too!
    So appreciate reading your inspirational blog….It is a blessing!
    Much love,

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    • (Tear). Thank you SO much for the encouraging, inspiring words “Dad”. They mean so much to me, just as you do. We truly are blessed, because no matter whether we feel it or not, He is right here with us every step of the way. I can’t stop listening to this song, and shared it with my pastor at church last night. I was telling her about it and she told me to play it so we could worship God. I was the only one that showed up to the Transformation and Healing class so I was able to get personal ministry. Papa knows just what we need, and right when we need it. Love to you! ❤


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