Faithful to the End

Finish what you started in me, God. Your love is eternal – don’t quit on me now. -Psalm 138:8 (MSG)

He will finish what He started. I love that.

So much has happened, and I often find it difficult to wrap my head around it. I took mom off of Hospice due to her desire to get better however, I was hesitant. She mentioned an RN pulling her up out of bed by her “bad” arm a few days prior, and started another crying spell.

An RN came in to give her her meds, and when mom sat up she had me feel her shoulder. Something felt “off,” and I feared it was broken. After hours spent at the ER, the doctor said that nothing was broken. However, she likely had an infection (which would explain the pneumonia she has had for the longest).

Further testing (requiring draining some of her shoulder which I happened to witness), confirmed that it was indeed a staff abscess . . . She needed surgery to flush it out. We FINALLY had some answers as to her rapid decline. She had poison in her body . .Ā  . I suddenly felt hope bubbling up inside of me again.

Last Thursday she had the procedure and all seemed to go well. The infection was deeper than they thought, reaching all the way down to her shoulder prosthesis, but due to her health and age the doctor didn’t want to remove it. She was moved this past Tuesday because she needs to be on an IV antibiotic for 4 weeks.

For awhile there she seemed to be doing so much better, but the last time I visited I had my doubts. The tears returned, and she said that she felt like it was all coming back again. I received a text from her a little bit ago saying they are stopping her IV and running a test at 3:00pm, and that’s all she knows.

He will finish what He started.

No matter what life throws our way, we can hold on to the hope that He is faithful to the end, and He will in fact finish what He started in us. He will never leave us hanging. My prayer is that you can feel the truth in this. That mom can feel the truth in this. That I can feel the truth in this.

He loves us more than we know. There is no chain His love can’t break. Hallelujah!


6 thoughts on “Faithful to the End

  1. Bless your heart and bless your mom’s heart. You guys have been through so much, but I join you in knowing that God is faithful and He will get you through moment by moment. Praying. Love, Lisa

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  2. Jenn
    My heart went out to your mom as I read of her continued struggles and pain…I know that you seeing her struggle, too, is so difficult….Yes, my “daughter” we are broken, often with struggles of various degrees, but one day God is going to fully restore us and all will be made right…no more tears, no suffering, no brokenness….God will COMPLETE what He stared and not even Satan, sin, disease nor death will keep Him from His work….
    I am reminded what Paul wrote in Romans 8:18 – “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us”……Now that is a completed piece of work!!!!….God’s glory revealed in us!!!…..What Hope!
    Much love to you, Jenn…..Continued prayers for your mom….

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