Author's Rick Christensen and Kat Heckenbach present me with the Ronnie Scott Creative Writing Award at the 2015 Florida Inspirational Writer's Retreat.

Author’s Rick Christensen and Kat Heckenbach present me with the Ronnie Scott Creative Writing Award at the 2015 Florida Inspirational Writers Retreat.

Today was an AMAZING day of inspiration! I was blessed to receive a full scholarship (for the second year) to the Florida Inspirational Writers Retreat. We learned from some talented writers and editors, ate some delicious food, and got to do a little writing for a contest! I was in shock when Rick read my number as the second place winner (we went by numbers, so the judges didn’t know whose was whose). After a second I said, “wait, what?” as I flipped my notebook over to check and see if that was my number.

For the contest we had to have a setting, one or more characters, and a resolution, in 55 words or less. This is what I came up with:

A Small Reminder

Autumn leaves crunch beneath her boots as she approaches the gravesite. A sparrow darts to the ground from a nearby sycamore tree illuminated by the setting sun. Standing in front of her sister’s grave, she falls to her knees. The sparrow lands on the headstone and chirps as if to say, “God’s grace is sufficient.”

I threw it together in about 10 minutes, so certainly wasn’t expecting to win! What a surprise! I won this adorable clock to remind me to sit down and write! (Oh, how I needed this!) I also won a gift certificate for 250 full color custom designed business cards! Since I don’t have a book published yet, I will likely get some made for my blog. (Hey, it will sure beat the Vistaprint ones I am currently using.)


Sometimes when we fall off track (like not blogging in over a month), we just need a little inspiration to get us back on the wagon (I’m on a cliche roll today)! I am so very thankful that I was able to attend this wonderful retreat, and meet so many beautiful people who, like myself, have a heart to share God’s love through words.

What inspires you and get’s your creativity flowing?


9 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. WOW!!!! Awesome……Oh Jen! You certainly do bring a smile! God has gifted you with a talent….So enjoyed your piece…Thank you for sharing it….Great pic….I know you are so proud….You always give glory to the Lord…. Have missed your Blogs!!! Great gift (clock) to keep you on track to write…..You bless us!

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