Hope Rising

A beautiful sunrise on the way to my mom's ALF.

A beautiful sunrise on the way to my mom’s ALF.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. —Hebrews 11:1

I’m so thankful for hope. I’m thankful for the hope Christ gives me. I’m thankful for the hope the physical therapist gave me when he said that my current “problem” could be due to having weak hip external rotators, and weak tibial internal rotators. It turns out the Navy was wrong when they said my femoral rod was externally rotated 15 degrees. My muscles are just severely atrophied and want to operate in a way that is contrary to the way my body was designed before the accident.

P.T. is quite painful, but as the saying goes “no pain, no gain.” I’ve gone through it many times before. I went to my first appointment this go round remembering the doctors’ words that I will need another operation, yet I left with the hope of healing through strengthening my muscles. I’m hanging on that hope. I’m hanging on the Lord.

What are you hopeful for? A physical healing? A promotion at work? Healing in your marriage? I’d like to pray with you and believe for that which you are hoping for. Be blessed! ❤


15 thoughts on “Hope Rising

  1. Praying for great results from PT…day by day, little by little. One day you’ll look back and say, “Wow! Look how far God has brought me.” 🙂 Please pray for me, for direction as to how to strengthen my foot/general body conditioning. It’s been very hard for me to exercise when my ankle is so unstable these past few months, and I’ve gotten weaker all over. Thank you, Jennifer. Lisa

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  2. Hey Jen
    I know your faith in Jesus rests in the hope you have in Him…One thing we always cling to is our hope….Hang on to your Hebrews 6:19 verse…..Love it…..Prayerful and Hopeful that your muscles will strengthen…
    Love in Christ, my friend

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  3. Hello, Jennifer! Just writing to see how you and that ankle have been doing. God put you on my mind….praying for whatever it is that you need. Have a great weekend, Lisa

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  4. Jennifer, please pray for me if you can. I’m having an ankle fusion revision surgery with some tendon transfers on January 11 in Baltimore. I know you are a prayer warrior so wanted you to know….please pray that God will give me peace over the decision.

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    • I will certainly be praying my friend! So you had it fused, correct? What calls for the revision (please refresh my memory). If you don’t have peace about it, I wouldn’t get it done. I am waiting to hear from the Lord on my decision to try another operation before amputation. I will be lifting you up! Love you!


      • The doctors in the 70’s liked to fuse women’s ankles for high heels (equinus position). I was only 9 years old, but that’s the position they deemed appropriate for me. :0 Due to 40 years wear and tear on that angle of fusion, I’ve developed PTTD posterior tibial tendon disorder, and my foot’s arch has totally collapsed. They want to set it to neutral by taking a wedge out of the old fusion, and transfering a tendon to replace the old worn out one. I think my lack of peace comes from the memories of that 9 year old girl,and also worries about being able to get around on one foot. My “good” foot and leg are not so good due to many years of carrying the load. All my joints have arthritis, and I am having trouble finding a mobility device that I am able to use without pain. But if I don’t do the surgery, I’m just sitting around all the time, and that’s not good. Everything just gets weaker. I will definitely pray for you and your decision. Last I heard you were in PT….I am so sorry that you are walking through this. Love, Lisa

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      • Oh man. That is crazy! How did you originally injure it? I can relate, as I need to use a mobility scooter everywhere and am in extreme amounts of pain, but I want to be sure the Lord wants me to to make the next move.

        So you are flying to the states for the surgery, or is there a Baltimore in Ireland? I will certainly be praying for you. Please keep me posted! I come against any spirit of fear that may have entered you during the trauma in your childhood. I speak peace and healing over you in Jesus’ name. Love you! 💞


      • Jennifer, I actually live in Virginia, we just travel alot to Ireland and my heart is there. 🙂 My husbands family is Irish, and I have Irish on my. moms side also. Thank you for praying against that childhood trauma; I know that Satan tries to paralyze me from action with those. fears. I broke my fibula on the growth plate when I was 5; undiagnosed and unchecked for 4 yrs and by then, my bone was very short and ankle unstable. The fusion was used to stabilize the joint.

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      • That’s right. Thank you for refreshing my memory. 😉 And that’s too funny! I thought you were in Ireland! 😜 I am interceding for you for a miracle and that no surgery is even needed! 🙏🏼💞

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      • Jennifer, Thank you so much for reaching out…I had the ankle fusion revision/tendon transfer/heel mastectomy done on the 11th. Day 8, and God has been so good. He has taken most of the pain down to a minimum and just carried me. The dr said procedure went very well and he is pleased…I’m in the resting and elevating stage now. Go back on 26th to have heavy splint swapped out for another cast. How’s your ankle doing? Been praying for you extra much lately.

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      • That is great news my friend! I will continue praying for a successful fusion and speedy recovery! I am doing well thank you. I still have great amounts of pain on a daily basis, but am waiting on the Lord regarding future surgeries. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if I was back on medications, but I have been off of them ALL for almost a year! 🙂 Keep on shining your Light! ❤

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