Finding Joy

Pass-a-Grille beach

Pass-a-Grille beach

Ahhhhh, the beach. There’s nothing like the sound of waves lapping the shore, sand between your toes, and sunshine on your shoulders. To me anyway. I understand some people have a love/hate relationship with the beach, but for me, it’s nothing but love.

My hubby and I had planned a short weekend trip to Lido Key in Sarasota, Florida for our two year anniversary May 17th. We had reserved a motel with a private beach, and planned to soak in the sun for the first time this year. When I made the reservations months beforehand, I had planned on being a lot further in my recovery from my ankle fusion than I was, but I had braved many a summers at the beach on crutches before. Unfortunately, about a week before our trip, my hubby was involved in a car accident while away for work in Jacksonville, Florida. It was his first accident ever. So, there we were, myself on crutches, and him with a cast on his right arm. We were a pair. But we made the most of it, and had a great time. Even when the rain threatened us. Even when the sun wouldn’t shine.

Last weekend we visited our favorite beach at Pass-a-Grille Historic District in Saint Petersburg, Florida where we were wed. By this time he had a removable cast, so he was able to get in the water. I crutched along as usual, but once I hit the water I was free. I no longer had any limitations, although a fused ankle does make it a bit difficult to swim. It wasn’t long before I saw the school of sting rays. I’m slow moving, and can’t exactly shuffle my feet, so I admit to a bit of panic. However, I have swum among them many a times and remained unscathed, so watched in wonder as the black mass moved throughout the water.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

There are many times that trials come our way in the form of rain, disability, or sting rays, but it’s our perspective that changes everything. I need that reminder from my hubby every time we go to the beach and the sun hides behind the clouds. “I wish the sun would come out,” I say. “The sun doesn’t have to be shining to enjoy the beach,” he’d counter. And he’s right. I realized this even more so later that day when I saw the sun burn I had acquired!

I want to encourage you to look for the joy in the mundane. It may be difficult to find, but if you dig deep enough, you’ll see it. And when you do, offer up thanks and praise to the One who created it.

Hubby and I on our anniversary in Lido Key. A woman at a shop in St. Armand's gave me two roses for our two year anniversary. :-)

Hubby and I on our anniversary in Lido Key. A woman at a shop in St. Armand’s gave me two roses for our two year anniversary. 🙂


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