“…to obey is better than sacrifice…” 1 Samuel 15:22

I’ve recently had a set back that has put a damper on things. Due to all of the driving and shopping I have been doing the past few weeks in order to get my mom moved into her Assisted Living Facility (and mainly using my scooter to do so), I have lost 3 weeks with my recovery. Yep. Gone. I’m back to square one weight bearing 25%, when as of yesterday I should be at 100% without assistance . . . Boo.

I found myself in tears of frustration because I hadn’t put my healing first, as well as frustration with others for not being available (or willing) to help. I wanted to get mom moved out of the rehab center ASAP because she was miserable. But it wouldn’t have killed her to stay for another month until I was done with my recovery (so she said).

May is jam packed with Jewelry Shows, vendor events, and my hubby and I’s anniversary trip . . . to the beach. I was so angry at myself for not obeying the doctors orders at really being consistent with weight bearing. I could have been out of the boot and off of crutches by our anniversary, but that isn’t likely now. Furthermore, the doctor says “No more scooter.” This means my plans/activities are going to need to be adjusted.

Disobedience. One word that can carry so many consequences. Look at the Israelites. Their disobedience made them circle the desert for 40 years when the Promised Land was only about a 3 to 4 day journey away! We could save ourselves so much trouble, pain, and wasted time if only we were obedient. Guidelines, rules, and laws are for our own good. I didn’t understand that when I was younger, and sought to break the rules because no one was going to tell me what I could and couldn’t do. Oh how I wished I hadn’t tried to take things into my own hands. I could have been spared from so much heartache and pain. But what’s done is done, and all we can do is LEARN from our mistakes and keep pressing forward, no matter how dry the desert.

My prayer for you today is to seek obedience always. Whether it’s with your parents, your doctor, the law, or God Almighty. The reward will be MUCH better than the consequences of disobedience.



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