I thought I’d share a poem I wrote a couple of years ago in my Poetry 1 class. The assignment was to write an ekphrastic poem, which is a poem wherein the author describes another work of art, usually visual. This photograph always amazed me, so I wrote a poem about it. Sometimes, when the storm of life comes down hard upon us, we need to simply rest, be still, and wait for the storm to pass; trying to struggle through it will only leave us wounded and weary. ❤




Cold, hard rain beating relentlessly down upon him,

He finds no shelter, this humble winged creature.

Alone, as a cactus in the desert

He perches. He perches on the wooden rail,

The snow beneath his feet slowly melting away.


His song has ceased.

Now, in this world of black and white and wet and cold

It is a matter of survival — Survival from the winter.

Surely there is somewhere else to rest

His weary head.


As a shooting star pierces across the sky,

The water pelts his fragile, meager head

Beckoning him to fly away, but he can’t.

For him to try would be a waste,

His wings giving in beside him, pummeling him

To the ice covered earth.


Instead he bows his head in respect,

Shielding his face from that which overpowers him;

Hiding from the blows of Wintertide. Soon, he hopes,

The rain will cease; he’ll shake dry his feathers,

And fly away once again.



5 thoughts on “Wintertide

  1. Yes, an amazing and captivating photograph which certainly does capture this truth – that God has instilled in us and in His creatures the ability to be resilient, to weather the storm, to bounce back from a difficult circumstance….
    Thanks so much, Jennifer, for sharing your poem…..

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