Purple Stains


How is it that I can fall so short, beat myself up so hard, and have such trouble picking myself up off the floor? What happened to grace for my husband? For myself?

Purple PVC primer on four month old white appliances, on wood cabinets, on tile, on grout, and eucharisteo vanishes. We are late to prayer and worship practice before church, and I have trouble engaging in worship because I see purple stains splattered across our new kitchen. “Remember, it’s just stuff,” someone says to me. I think about my prior post—the simple life. But it’s “stuff” I have to look at each day, as well as anyone who steps foot in our house. How do I give thanks for this?

Sermon starts and pastor is preaching on evangelism. I think of how that’s the last thing I can think of at the time. She had a dream and begins to interpret. Three people were in her dream, and she is going to point them out.

Attention shifts back to purple.

Dollar signs flash.

I stare at Bible open on my lap and hear my name being called. “Jennifer Deg, you have a strong anointing for evangelism.”

She continues talking. I see her mouth move but can’t exactly make out the words.

Face goes blank.

Tears flow.

Me? Ungrateful, distracted, non-grace giving me? An anointing for evangelism? I’d heard it before, but where was the fruit of it? Where was the fruit of anything in my life? I had been turned down the week prior by someone I knew when I asked if I could pray for her. It was a first. The first I remember anyway. I’ll admit that I was somewhat offended when it happened.


Where is the eucharisteo? The grace? The joy? Was this a true prophetic word, or a mix up? Service ends, and I go up front to be anointed with oil for evangelism. It is an open call. I feel silly, as I was told I already have the anointing. I am searching for something—anything to confirm.  I am told I have already been called—that the offenses are rolling off of me so that I can evangelize.

I cry and cry and cry.

She laughs and laughs and laughs.

What is she hearing? I leave the church silently, not even speaking to husband. I usually lack no words. I am thinking of souls, unthankfulness, and purple primer—the mess I am headed home to. There are souls at stake, and I’m worried about stains in my kitchen. White dishwasher and oven stained purple. What about the hearts and lives outside of my home that are stained with hurt, regret, fear, and unbelief? What about my heart that is discolored with unthankfulness and doubt about God’s calling on my life?

How can I lead others to Christ when I’m so judgmental and critical and self-righteous? I would need a “road to Damascus” encounter to change from a Saul to a Paul. It seems so far away. Oh, that I could have the grace and patience of my husband. That he would have the call instead of me.

But he does.

He’s gotten the word before.

His words are smooth.

Mine cut deep. But didn’t Paul’s? Why the frustration? Why the discontentment? Why the lack of eucharisteo, of grace? Why the call to evangelism on a morning when I didn’t feel like going to church? Why the call the morning after a long day of celebrating my late father’s life? Why, when I was looking forward to a day of rest, did the morning start with splattered purple and a call I feel unqualified for?

I’d heard it before while deep in worship one day: I don’t call the equipped. I equip the called.

Is the overhaul possible? Necessary? Is the name change crucial? How can I live in the fullness of eucharisteo in the midst of things not so great? Or is there greatness in everything, and I am just too blind to see it? Oh, what I wouldn’t give to laugh at purple stained appliances and cabinets and tile one day, to not care what it looks like to others, to not care what it looks like to me. What I wouldn’t give to have grace for my husband who spends the morning on knees scrubbing hard. There’s always tomorrow. Yes, thank God there is always a new day. That’s what I will write for my daily entry in my gratitude journal.



8 thoughts on “Purple Stains

    • Thank you! Unfortunately we have tried everything… I have someone coming out Wednesday to give me an estimate on the cabinets. The front of the DW and the drawer of the oven can be replaced. Not sure how to handle the grout stains. 😏

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      • That’s good that you have that worked out. Prayerfully it won’t cost too much. As far as the grout, I have an idea that might help. I have used this method many times and it works great. Keep in mind that our grout is sealed. Spray carpet cleaner onto the grout and wait a minute or two for it to start working. Wet an old toothbrush and lightly scrub the grout. Hopefully that will work for you. Our grout looks brand new when I’m finished. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Jenn
    WOW! The spiritual depth of Purple Stains REALLY touched me…We can get so upset with the stains on our appliances and carpets and woodwork but pay so little attention to the “stains” of the heart. How many times have I partaken of communion in our church but my mind is wandering from the reason of its symbolism – Christ’s death for my “stains”…
    Jenn, this spoke to me profoundly…In time, the replacements of the stained items will be replaced. God uses the simple and ordinary things of our daily lives to drive home spiritual truths….Did Jesus not do this very thing through the Parables?
    I so appreciate you, Jenn…God has gifted you to use your Blog to pinpoint spiritual truths. I thank God for you, my friend

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