The Simple Life


There’s a concept sweeping the nation—the world—that bigger isn’t always better. I couldn’t agree more. In a day in age where people are buying bigger houses and needing to work better jobs to pay for those houses, living a simple life couldn’t sound sweeter.

I have always loved the concept of tiny houses, or even small ones for that matter, probably because I can’t. stand. clutter. Is my house immaculate? Nope. Does it cause me mental clutter? Yep. But I am working on this through a program offered by called the Power Productivity Program. I have learned that I am a perfectionist (surprise!), and that I want everything to be organized perfectly, like a staged home. This is NOT okay (she covers this). Thankfully, I have also learned throughout my life that the only “thing” perfect in life is Jesus Christ, and I am not Him. (The pressure is off!)

Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to get away to a hotel for vacation, or even go camping? Hotels typically have the bare minimums, making the room a clutter free zone where you can escape from the clutches of “stuff” at home. Unfortunately, it never worked much for me because I knew what was awaiting me when I returned: a disorganized office, unorganized closets, items without “homes” shoved into “junk” drawers, etc. The simple life couldn’t be more appealing to me.


Love this tiny bath/shower!

Not only would living small reduce clutter, but it would reduce stress from feeling the need to “keep up with the Jones’s” or work a ridiculous amount of hours in order to keep up with the lifestyle you are living. Who wouldn’t want to eliminate a mortgage, cut utility bills WAY down, have more time to spend with those you love, and more money to DO the things you enjoy? Well, the answer to that is simple: anyone who likes stuff.

I mentioned the idea of moving into a tiny home to my hubby and he replied, “I couldn’t do that. I like to have my stuff: my drums, keyboard, etc.” He said I would really need to convince him on it. And trust me, I am working on that one!  (BTW, my husband isn’t a materialistic person. He plays the drums on our worship team and simply loves making music for the Lord.) 😉

We recently purchased our first home last November after living with my mom for the first year and a half of our marriage. I had always wanted a home of my own, and our dream was finally coming true. It’s about 1,300 sq. ft. which compared to my mom’s 800 sq. ft. 3 bedroom house was HUGE. However, I found myself complaining about the lack of storage in the kitchen, the size of the living room, and the tiny “master” bathroom (missing the fact that the actual master bedroom was WAY bigger than the 10×12 room at mom’s, as well as the fact we had a walk-in closet with a laundry room inside with a full size window). What has this culture taught us? Bigger is ALWAYS better.

The day after my previous post I got still before the Lord (which is difficult for me), and in less than a minute He gave me a download of answers to all of the questions I had had regarding direction. He also said that I am in a season of healing and rest, and although I’m not to be idle, I am not to over commit myself. Wow. The simple life. As I went through my late father’s belonging’s yesterday, I determined not to take a bunch of stuff that would ultimately become more clutter. I took some writing books and music books as well as a few other sentimental items. Who knows what may end up in a yard sale at a later time. Our “guest bedroom” is currently a storage room, full of boxes that I didn’t have the time to unpack/go through before my operation. And trust me, it occupies a room in my mind as well. But it will get tackled in due time. I must remember that I am in a season of rest and healing. The pressure is off.

One method I am trying to master is the “one thing in, one thing out” method. For each new thing you bring into the house, one must go out, either to a friend, Salvation Army, the trash, or possibly a box for a yard sale (just be sure to actually HAVE the sale)! I look at the couple of small boxes in the living room of dad’s stuff, and as I think about this method I’m asking myself, “Do I really need this stuff? Would I rather get rid of something I already have in order to keep it?” I love Daddy, don’t get me wrong, but I do have a lot of items he has given me through the years.

In the past I used to have a problem with shopping. It would provide me a temporary happiness, so I spent a lot of time doing it. I never went in debt doing so, and often times I would return the items later, only to go and buy more stuff to keep and/or return. It was a temporary escape. Thankfully, I am learning the art of a simple life, and the beauty in “less is more.” I am reminded of my first blog post here titled “Letting Go.”

What are your thoughts on living a simple life and/or living tiny? Could you do it?

(See more tiny houses here.)



4 thoughts on “The Simple Life

  1. In 2011, we were among the hundreds driven out of our homes by the huge fire outbreak in Texas. We had to leave so quickly that all we had time to grab was our pets, my Bible, two laptops, a couple family photos and my purse. Period. No underwear, toothbrush, change of clothes. Nothing.

    While we were in the shelter provided by the city of Bastrop, the fire chief and firemen would check in regularly to give us all the most recent update on the fire’s path and destruction. We were shown maps and were told at two different update sessions that our home was a total loss – only ashes left. We were also penniless – we were on Social Security and had just paid all our bills and bought food for the month – food which was destroyed in the fire.

    HOWEVER, we had learned a few years earlier that when extraordinary and unexpected things happen – good, bad or indifferent – it is a signal that God wants to do something extraordinary and unexpected in us, through us or for us. We were quickly reminded of this lesson, and we actually found great release and excitement! “Stuff” was no longer an issue for us! We were FREE! We could go anywhere and do anything as directed by the Lord! What an amazing sense of freedom permeated every day!

    Nine days after the fire began, we were allowed to go back into our neighborhood. We took the long way around to see the rest of the neighborhood before going to see our own property. The damage was incredible, and we couldn’t even recognize the area any longer. Then I saw a pretty green house and thought, “Wow, that house looks untouched. They were really lucky!” Even before I finished the thought, I realized that it was OUR house! And it was COMPLETELY untouched! (An incredible story, but suffice to say that two fire marshals, two insurance inspectors, a fire clean-up team, the city electrical team and numerous other knowledgeable people told us, “God protected this house. It should not be here!”)

    Our reaction? DISAPPOINTMENT! Now we had to deal with ‘stuff’ again!!

    But then the lesson proved true – God wanted to do something extraordinary for others. Our neighbors were completely burned out of their UNINSURED home, and they had five children, one of whom was a paraplegic. We were blessed to be able to turn our house and all its furnishings over to them. A few days later we were back in North Carolina with our family, hubby had his old job back, and we were ensconced in a great EMPTY apartment. We have made it a point to avoid buying anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. We used cardboard boxes for end tables, etc. It is a wonderful feeling to have so little to be concerned about and to know that we can easily take off and go whenever the Father so instructs. Small is SO much better!!

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