Day Eight of Writing-201: Drawer

Photo via Pinterest.

Photo via Pinterest.

This was quite a silly prompt I must admit, but I ran with it nonetheless, lol.

Today’s prompt: Drawer
Today’s form: Ode
Today’s device: Apostrophe


That Which is Hidden


Concealing that which isn’t seen,

you protect my belongings.

With x-ray vision I am often

driven mad by your clutter. I

know it’s there. Yet I appreciate

the fact that you hide it.


O drawer, you hold the pens that

write a story on my paper’s heart!

I anticipate our meeting with great

expectations, as I know what you hold



You smile when I enter the room,

saying, “Open me, pick me!”

Sometimes I don’t greet you.

You hurt, waiting for me to return

and open you once again.



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