Day Six of Writing-201: Hero




The assignment for today is to write a hero poem in the form of a ballad using the device(s) anaphora/epistrophe. There are SO many different elements to consider when writing these poems, that sometimes I wonder if it is worth it! LOL! šŸ˜‰ Since a ballad has certain rhyme and meter, ending the lines with repeating words (epistrohe) would be impossible. So, in order to stick to the traditional ballad form, I will use anaphora.


My Husband, My Hero


He works so hard to see me through,

He loves with all his might,

He looks upon me tenderly,

He sets my heart to flight.


He touches me so tenderly,

He listens when I speak.

He brings me joy I’ve never known,

He shows strength when I’m weak.


He doesn’t anger easily,

He hardly will complain.

He shines so bright on cloudy days,

He chases off the rain.







12 thoughts on “Day Six of Writing-201: Hero

  1. Oh my Jen,
    This is awesome. Knowing how much you love each other. No wonder he is your hero! God bless us in having a wonderful mate, hang onto him. He has a jewel of a wife.

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  2. I love the picture and the tribute. I totally get that these assignments are double-speak sometimes. i.e. ballad doesn’t work with epistrophe. Yes! I think Ben is pretty casual about the rules and breaking of said rules. The point is to enjoy what you write, and it seems like you accomplished that.

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