Day Five of Writing-201: Fog

Photo by Carsten Frenzl via Creative Commons.

Photo by Carsten Frenzl via Creative Commons.

Today’s assignment is to write about fog in one form or another using the form of the elegy. The device for today is the metaphor. I found myself so focused on the form that I forgot about the topic and device, so I adjusted accordingly. Although the entire poem isn’t really about fog, in a way it is. I believe the death of anyone we love leaves our lives in a bit of a fog for quite sometime. I’m not sure I did this correctly as far as form, but here goes nothing.

The Fog Will Soon Clear

Three days past Christmas and Daddy was gone.

It’s been almost two months, but the pain is still fresh.

A fog rolled over my heart as I waited for dawn,

Trying to live by the Spirit instead of the flesh.

Morning came, seeming almost surreal.

I got ready for church determined to rejoice.

Hands held high, tears flowing, trying to heal.

Instead of depression, God was my choice.

Like a newly scraped knee, I feel the sting.

His absence often bringing me to tears.

But just as winter turns to a jubilant spring,

I will find more healing through the years.


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