Memories of Music

The guitar Daddy gave me years ago. This photo was taken several years back at my apartment in Virginia.

The guitar Daddy gave me years ago. This photo was taken several years back at my apartment in Virginia.

I picked up the guitar again after much too long. It is my most prized possession from Daddy. He gave it to me years ago (I can’t recall when). I remember being SO concerned when I was in the hospital after my accident because it was in the car. Thankfully, the case was the only thing damaged. I am learning a song called “It is Well” by Bethel Music, because in spite of everything I am going through, it IS well with my soul.

I taught myself how to play using a chord book, and spent many a day playing it on the ship while in the Navy as well as while deployed to Bahrain. I’ve had to relearn the chords pretty much each time I’ve picked it up because I let so much time pass in between playing. The same goes for the book I am “working” on. I let so much time pass that I need to reread 22,000 words before continuing to work on it, and I end up polishing the thing instead of adding new content. Back to the guitar (squirrel)! It’s a classical wide neck guitar from Spain (a real beauty), so it’s a bit difficult for me to play having fractured both wrists in the accident. If need be, I may get a modern guitar with a smaller neck, but I love the way nylon strings sound! Of course, I imagine I could put nylon strings on a modern one.

One of my biggest regrets is selling the $900 viola Daddy bought me in middle school after I had auditioned and been accepted to Blake High School. (I have NO idea where he got the money for that!) Instead, I ended up going to Robinson High School, and no longer placed first chair since I couldn’t afford private lessons like the other students (at least that was my excuse). I had made first chair every year in middle school, and even during competitions with other schools in the area. I made third chair all county which was a big deal. I loved the trophies and medals, but I especially loved that Daddy was SO proud of me. I struggled with music theory, so began falling behind in high school. Put a piece of music in front of me and I could play it. Ask me what the notes are and I couldn’t tell you. But hey, I am actually learning the chords with the guitar! πŸ™‚ Anyway, I sold it for $300 to a 70-something-year-old man who wanted to learn how to play. I asked Daddy first, but I could tell he was disappointed. He always attended my concerts and encouraged my musical gifts. He was so proud of me. I felt like I had let him down, so wanted to throw in the towel all together.

A photo Daddy took of me after he bought me the viola.

A photo Daddy took of me after he bought me the viola.

Daddy and I had a lot in common. I definitely got his creative genes. I wrote a short story in my creative nonfiction class about my dad’s talents, one of which being the ability to produce music. He was a sound engineer for many years, and he produced the single hit “Love Can Make You Happy” by the band Mercy. He was actually given a golden record of the song that he proudly displayed on his apartment wall. I will have to share the story I wrote with you all one day, or perhaps post the audio file to the story told by him. I thank God for Reverbnation, and for the music my dad has “remade” on there, as well as created himself. It’s comforting to hear his voice. Here is a song called “Jesus My Lord” that he sang and composed years ago:

I recently listened to the song after his death and realized what it was about. I had a good cry needless to say.

I’m sure there will be many more posts about Daddy, as I am still grieving him. We shared so much together. I’d stay the night at his place and we would share music. He would introduce me to new music, and I would do the same for him. We enjoyed trips to Busch Gardens mainly for the entertainment, as well as trips to Buffalo Wild Wings to hear music from one of the singers at BG who had his own band. May the music live on, and may the memories of music with Daddy live even longer.

Daddy and I after one of my orchestra concerts in high school. I guess white eye liner and dark lip liner was the thing. Or at least I thought so! :-)

Daddy and I after one of my orchestra concerts in high school. I guess white eyeliner and dark lip liner was the thing. Or at least I thought so! πŸ™‚

Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation! -Psalm 95:1


8 thoughts on “Memories of Music

  1. I’m enjoying your writing. I met your dad through BG many years ago, and then lost track of him for several years. I stumbled on his blog last fall, and enjoyed his blog entries. I’m so sorry for your loss! I only knew him in passing, and he was a pretty cool guy. How lucky you are to have someone like that for a father! What prompted me to comment was following your link to the song. It’s a very moving piece. Then I scrolled through all the entries on that page, and found his Busch Gardens podcasts. I always regretted not saving them when I had the chance, you you better believe I downloaded them this morning. Your father left quite a legacy, possibly more than you’ll ever know. He’s one of those people that will remain in other’s thoughts for many years to come!

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    • Mered, thank you so much for the comment. Brought me to tears. :,-( Yes, he did leave quite a legacy. He was a remarkable man, and is missed terribly. I am so glad that you were able to find those podcasts. How did you happen across my blog if you don’t mind me asking?

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      • I don’t recall how I happened on your blog, it may be that you left a comment on your dad’s blog? I remember when you entered the navy, and your dad would share some of your photos. Maybe when I was nosing around the internet looking for Mike I searched for your name as well. Maybe somehow on facebook?

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      • Ahhh, I did leave a comment on Dad’s last post about this death… I don’t think my name would have come up if you searched “Apsey” since I am now married, but who knows. As far as FB, I’m not sure of your last name and I don’t think I know anyone named Meredith, lol. Anyway, I am so glad for the connect. I will be posting more about Daddy I’m sure. And yes, he was so proud of my service in the Navy. Like father like daughter. Be blessed! πŸ’—


  2. Yes, Jennifer, simply beautiful. And so is his music!! What a voice (was he a fan also of Don Moen?) I shared the link and pinned his song to my faith board in Pinterest. Your father blessed you with a heritage of faith and a passion for music. I can imagine he is watching you pick up the guitar again. Wonder if the gentleman who purchased your cello might be ready to sell it back to you? Stranger things have happened.

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    • Awwwww, thank you Cheryl. He had worked on many songs, and that one is one of my favorites. As far as repurchasing the viola from the guy, ha! I can’t imagine he is still alive, although anything is possible I suppose. I have no idea who the guys is, but I have looked at viola’s on Craigslist when considering picking it up again. That would be funny if somehow I ended up with the same one! πŸ™‚


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